12 March 2008

MyTotalPack4.3: Portable Total Commander Package

For unemployment student, I have many time to spent and do unnecessary thing, just like make a new blog and release new package for Total Commander in portable mode. For review and how to use, I will create it another time. This is just for testing to create posting in blogger from box.net after uploading a new file, integritedly. The best freehosting for me. Ok, I just mad to 4shared.com after they deleted all of my file without my permission.mad

This package use Total Commander 7.02a as the core, several tools, and many useful plugins, especially for me. The package is many file in one compressed archive created by Winrar 3.7, so really portable and not adding new key in registry or create create new file in hardrive. What can I say is, this program can do anything you can imagine, just try it by yourself.biggrin

This program is shareware from ghisler.com, buy it if you want the key!


Download it here!

Kok bahasa inggris? Iya, ternyata lebih menyenangkan dan mengglobal, jadi keterusan deh. Ups.

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